Dave Deffenbauch, Saint Anne's Administrator

David Deffenbaugh, Administrator/Chief Operating Officer

Annie Bazur Budenz, Saint Anne's Director of Admissions and Public Relations

Annie Bazur Budenz, Care Transitions Director

Julie Hartman, Saint Anne's Director of Environmental Services

Julie Hartman, Environmental Services Director

Barbara Ley, Saint Anne's Director of Activities

Barbara Ley, Director of Activities

Kathy Retzios, Administrator, Saint Anne Grace Pointe

Mike Rorick, Chief Financial Officer

Tracy Schultz, Residential Living Director

Jessica Wallace, Quality Assurance Director

David Bauch
Transportation Manager

Nathan Herber
Human Resources Director

Paul Massasu
Environmental Services Supervisor

Nichole Miles
Environmental Services Supervisor

Jim Stangle, RN
Care Transitions Nurse

Tyler Weilbaker, Assistant Administrator

Penny Worman
Rehabilitation Services Manager