Rehabilitation Services

What can you expect?

A TEAM Approach to your care and recovery

The team consists of you, your family, your therapist(s), nursing, and social services
One-on-one  attention from your therapist
A bright, welcoming therapy center including state-of-the-art Nautilus Equipment
Pain management  modalities such as Electrical Stimulation, Ultrasound, and Diathermy
A dedicated social worker to help you plan ahead for your return home to be as successful as possible
Restaurant-quality meals served in the Courtyard Café, a dining room designed especially for our rehab guests
Accommodating and knowledgeable staff

We also offer Out-Patient Therapy!
Call our Therapy Department at 260-399-3201 to learn more.


-Restore muscle strength to improve balance and coordination.
-Improve ambulation.
-Improve range of motion.

-Re-learn essential life functions and activities such as eating, dressing, doing laundry, cooking and other activities of daily living

-Re-train those who have suffered from a stroke or other brain trauma to speak properly and eat safely.
-Areas of concentration include; language, speech and memory deficits.
-Speech therapy can also assist in the restoration of swallowing difficulties.